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10 big trends in natural and organic foods

Health food for guys and textured beverages are just a few catching on

As we all know, organic and natural foods are soooo hot with consumers these days. But what are the soon-to-boil-over trends within the natural/organic categories?

How about these: wholesome food for men, textured drinks, and salad greens that go beyond the bowl.

Those are among 10 trends recently identified by the Sterling-Rice  Group, a consulting firm out of Colorado.

So what does Wholesome food for men entail? Simply, guy-oriented health foods are catching on as men look for healthy foods to fuel their bodies.

Salad greens like kale, meanwhile, are showing up in teas and snacks, while textured drinks, like Mamma Chia (pictured), a chewy chia juice, are adding some bite to the beverage category.

Read all 10 trends here.

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