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13 healthy fall foods for your customers

Carrots, cauliflower...

In spring, people’s thoughts turn to produce and other fresh and health foods. Fall, on the other hand, tends to bring out the comfort foodies in all of us.

But actually, fall is filled with plenty of healthy foods for people to try. That’s because the autumn season happens to be when many better-for-you crops ripen.

Take apples for instance. They’re in season now in Canada and contain 14% of daily-recommended vitamin C as well as antioxidants and insoluable fibre.

Winter squash is another fab veggie. It has nearly half of the daily vitamin c requirement as well as heart-disease fighting carotenoids.

Other wonderful, hearty and healthful fruits and vegetables from fall’s bounty: cabbage (vitamin K), persimmons (fibre), carrots (super amounts of vitamin A) and, of course, an autumn staple: pumpkins (the seeds alone are packed with antioxidants).

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