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2022 Star Women in Grocery winner Jacquelin Weatherbee (Q&A)

Senior Level Star
Jacquelin Weatherbee

Jacquelin Weatherbee

VP Communications & Corporate Affairs


How did you get into the grocery/CPG business?

Early in my career I was looking for something completely new — I decided to give food retail a try and have never looked back. The pace of our industry is addicting and really rewarding!

What's the biggest challenge faced in your career?

Learning how to juggle the balance between being an executive and a mother. I think I will always be learning and likely never be perfect in either department. I’ve come to learn that work-life balance is an unreachable target, there are ebbs and flows to make it all work. I feel like I can bring my full self to work at Empire and that’s made the difference for me to build my version of a rewarding life.

What's the best career career advice you've received?

Focus on the work and the rest will follow.

What's your proudest moment?

Becoming a mother will always be number one. Workwise, I’m proud of how we have turned around our business and culture at Empire. It has been an incredible honour to be on this team, work through this transition and move back into offence.

What's your leadership style/philosophy?

I always try to find new ways to challenge myself and my team. It is so important to keep your team dynamic fresh and strong. I’ve learned it’s very difficult to pull a team out of complacency and stagnation.

What are your passions outside of work?

Spending time with my family, playing tennis, reading—and cooking, of course!

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