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The Amazon review that inspired this 2017 ad campaign...

Are Emerald Nuts good?

Crafting clear, concise, compelling ad copy can be a hard nut to crack. Yet, Emerald Nuts created a campaign and tagline using two small, yet effective words: "Yes good."

It wasn't written by an award-winning advertising team, but lifted from a customer review on Amazon. During a keynote presentation at digital marketing conference DX3, Tamir Bar-Haim, the head of Amazon’s advertising business in Canada, discussed the importance of online customer reviews and shared the Emerald Nuts campaign.

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He said Amazon adding a customer review section to its website was a controversial decision at the time, and elicited a complaint from the CEO of one of its largest vendors, who was concerned that products with poor ratings wouldn't sell. But Amazon was undeterred, said Bar-Haim. "We're in the business of customer trust," he said. "We make money when we help customers make informed purchase decisions."

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Customer reviews can prove useful whether its to make product tweaks, evolve product design or inspire ad campaigns. Take a look at how Emerald Nuts used one of its reviews for its 2017 advertising efforts...


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