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Argh, Maty! I'm being sued by Trader Joe's

Vancouver retailer, Pirate Joe's, has been selling Trader Joe's merchandise

Many Canadians who spend time in America wish that Trader Joe’s would open north of the 49th parallel.

That may happen one day. But in the meantime, a B.C. businessman has been doing the next best thing: he's been buying Trader Joe’s merchandise in the U.S. and selling it at his own store in Vancouver. The store's name? Pirate Joe's

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, Trader Joe’s is now suing Pirate Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s claims that Pirate Joe’s “has caused harm” to its stores across the border in Washington, according to

Trader Joe’s, which operates some 400 stores in the U.S., is known for its Hawaiian décor  and unique private-label products.

Pirate Joe’s owner Michael Hallatt doesn’t deny reselling Trader Joe’s merchandise but intends to fight the suit, says The Province.

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