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Autonomous cleaning solutions help essential retailers meet consumer demand for safety

Nilfisk Liberty SC50 robotic floor scrubber cleans quickly and efficiently so food retailers can establish customer trust without overburdening cleaning staff

The pandemic changed what consumers value when shopping for food. A 2020 Deloitte survey found that, while price is still the most important consumer purchase driver, a new factor — safety — is now “essentially tied” for first place.

Further research has revealed that safety is the key to establishing consumer trust, and cleanliness is a core component of safety.

We recently asked retail industry respondents about the importance of cleaning to their business — 93% said that COVID-19 has increased the expected standard of cleaning, and 89% said cleaning has become more business-critical. At the same time, they identified significant challenges, including not having the right cleaning equipment or enough cleaning staff to meet today’s high standards.

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Autonomous cleaning solutions solve these challenges and more. They deliver a higher quality of cleaning than staff can reliably achieve using either manual methods or traditional equipment. They lower operational costs by increasing the time spent cleaning without increasing labour requirements. And, because autonomous machines operate with minimal oversight, they free up human cleaners’ time for higher-value tasks.

The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 autonomous floor scrubber was designed to help essential retailers keep customers and employees safe by meeting their cleaning goals quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. It delivers unparalleled cleaning performance and is the only autonomous solution in its class to be third-party certified to robotic floorcare safety standards. The Liberty SC50 employs an onboard detergent management system to support green cleaning initiatives, and, for enhanced performance and sustainability, it can be equipped with a UVGI module that disinfects floors using UV-C light.

To learn more about autonomous cleaning, including how to determine your total cost of ownership and the potential return on investment for your business, download our latest ebook. To see the Liberty SC50 in action, book a demo with a Nilfisk sales rep.

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