A&W chain switches to French's ketchup, mustard

Fast food chain puts priority on working with Canadian suppliers

French's ketchup has won over another fan—the company that runs A&W restaurants in Canada.

A&W says it has now decided to serve French's Tomato Ketchup and Classic Yellow Mustard in all of its restaurants across Canada.

The company has 850 locations across the country, making it the second-largest burger chain in Canada.

A&W's endorsement is the latest publicity win for French's ketchup, which became an Internet and media darling after a man's Facebook post lauded the U.S.-based company for using only Canadian-grown tomatoes.

The condiment company has been collaborating with A&W Food Services of Canada for about six months.

The burger chain says it's always looking for Canadian suppliers and already uses tomatoes from Leamington, Ont., and its A&W Ketchup is produced and packaged in Ontario.

French's Food Co. says A&W is the first national restaurant to serve its ketchup and mustard.

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