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B.C. grocers want clearer rules about selling liquor

Grocers say lack of details makes option to sell booze murky

It seems B.C. grocers are facing blurred lines about how they can start to sell alcohol in their stores.

While the B.C. government is permitting grocers to sell alcohol as of April 1, there is uncertainly amongst some grocers in regards to the specifics on how they can proceed with selling beer, spirits or wine.

An article in Business in Vancouver this week quotes senior sources from Jim Pattison Group, Choices Markets and Thrifty Foods, all of whom seek clarity on the licence process and how to move forward with selling alcohol.

So far, two options have been provided to grocers interested in selling alcohol: one is based on a store-within-a-store concept that would see part of the store allotted specifically for such sales; the other involves a grocer applying for a licence to stock B.C. wine on store shelves.

As Glen Clark, president of Jim Pattison Group, commented, " said that grocery stores can sell wine, which we're delighted with, but we don't know how."

Read the full story here.

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