Beretta Farms makes home delivery cooler

The Frozen Butcher by Beretta is a new online boutique butcher shop

Beretta Farms saw an opportunity to evolve their home delivery service with a new online boutique butcher shop called The Frozen Butchera, based in Toronto.

With Beretta now focusing on wholesale to national grocery chains and independents, "the e-commerce platform was an initiative to prevent losing the connection that they had for over two decades with its direct end users," says Mike Beretta co-founder of Beretta Farms and The Frozen Butcher, under the banner of One Earth Farms.

"We started Beretta Farms over 20 years ago, and a lot of our customers are used to seeing Cynthia and myself hand deliver items from the farm," he explains. "Beretta can now be bought at independent grocery stores, and large banners across Canada, and we can no longer go door to door to see our customers."

With the new business, customers can order and pay online and receive their delivery within 48 hours by UPS across Canada. The site offers humanely raised certified organic, antibiotic and hormone-free beef, pork, chicken, seasonal turkeys and sustainably sourced seafood.

"We are known for producing organic beef," says Beretta. Many of their products are also offered in stores, "Except for some of our promotional items, we have two items currently on the site, a ‘AAA’ Hand Selected Striploin Steak & ‘AAA’  Oxtail which come directly from our Ranch in Alberta, these, alongside the sustainably sourced seafood are exclusive to The Frozen Butcher."

All items are frozen and individually vacuum-sealed to preserve the flavours and freshness of the meat.

"We have established a relationship with an organic vineyard in Ontario called Southbrook Vineyards; this allows people to pair Beretta's proteins with wine on  an online platform," says Beretta. Once pairings are established, customers are given the opportunity to purchase them through a link to the website.

Mike Beretta and his wife Cynthia founded Beretta Farms in 1992 as a company offering meat by home delivery service after purchasing their first farm, which was located in Huron County.

Customers would order by phone, and Mike's mom was their first delivery driver in her Plymouth Voyager. It evolved over the years to several trucks on the road. They hope that this new initiative will turn into something new and modern, but keep some of that old home delivery feel.

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