BrandSpark releases Most Trusted Awards study

2018 winners include Becel, Perrier, Coca-Cola and High Liner

Being quick to respond to serious issues, coupled with transparency and consistent and competitive pricing have propelled some well-known brands to the top of BrandSpark International’s annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards.

Now in their fifth year, the awards invite more than 18,000 Canadian shoppers to name their most trusted brand in four categories: Food and beverage, personal care and beauty, household and pets, and over-the-counter health.

The awards rank the most trusted brands in 116 consumer categories, ranging from deli meat to dish shop and denture adhesive.

Unilever brands Becel margarine and Hellmann’s mayonnaise are among the most trusted in their respective categories, cited by 61% and 60% of respondents respectively.

Phil Scrutton, vice-president of consumer insights with BrandSpark in Toronto, says both brands have succeeded by maintaining taste and quality, while adopting more natural ingredients in their formulation.

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High Liner was also favoured by 60% of respondents in the frozen fish category, with Scrutton noting that it is a recognized brand with heritage that has innovated by adding higher-quality frozen products alongside its fish-sticks.

Maple Lodge Farms’ Zabiha Halal brand garnered 41% of votes in the halal meat category, with Scrutton attributing its performance to being an early mover in the nascent category.

Coca-Cola also drew 41% of the votes in the highly-competitive soft drink category, with Scrutton saying it continues to innovate in order to stay relevant, thanks to products like the recently revamped Diet Coke and the stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life.

Nestlé’s Perrier brand scored 39% of the vote in the sparkling water category, thanks to what Scrutton describes as its “clean taste and consistent fizz,” while Catelli garnered 38% of the vote in the pasta category. Robin Hood garnered 35% in the baking category, with Scrutton noting that bakers in particular tend to stick with brands that have worked for them in the past.

The study also shows distinct differences among Quebec shoppers, who tend to heavily favour local brands.

While Nestlé is the most trusted brand in the water category nationally, for example, the Quebec leader is Eska – which comes from a spring in the province’s northern region. And while Chapman’s is the most trusted ice cream brand nationally, Quebeckers tend to favour Coaticook.

“The national leaders in these categories are also strongly trusted in Quebec, but when another brand excels, they are generally brands that have heritage and manufacture in the province,” says Scrutton.

Quebeckers also had distinct preferences in categories including bread (Gadoua/POM versus Dempster’s), cottage cheese (Sealtest versus Dairyland), deli meat (Olymel versus Maple Leaf), hot dogs (Hygrade/Lafleur versus Maple Leaf) and sausages (Lafleur versus Johnsonville).

A complete list of this year’s most trusted brands can be found here.

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