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Bringing more customers to the Fish & Seafood category

As consumers try new recipes and seek healthy options, there’s a big opportunity to make fish and seafood a tasty part of the meal rotation

Many Canadians have discovered (or rediscovered) the joy of cooking, and they’re getting more comfortable preparing fish and seafood dishes at home. Here, Michael Cheaib, business resource manager at Lagoon Seafood, discusses the latest trends in fish and seafood and how grocery retailers can lure even more customers to the category. 

According to Nielsen, fresh seafood sales were up 9% to $787 million, while frozen seafood sales jumped by 20% to $1.07 billion, in the 52 weeks ending Nov. 21, 2020. What’s driving consumer interest in the category? 

As Canadians try new recipes at home, many are finding that fish and seafood is quick and easy to prepare. As a result, we’re seeing increased demand for our fresh products such as salmon, cod, haddock and shrimp. Consumers also have a strong appetite for value-added, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat items, so products such as our bacon-wrapped scallops, seasoned salmon tartare, and salmon and tuna sashimi are very popular. Consumers appreciate the convenience factor of these products, as well as the ability to prepare and enjoy these items at home.

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How do fish and seafood meet the needs of younger consumers?

While millennial and generation Z consumers are seeking convenient options just like the older generations, they’re also gravitating towards a ‘flexitarian’ diet, which is a primarily plant-based diet that occasionally includes fish and meat. As a healthy protein, fish and seafood could be positioned as the preferred protein option for flexitarians. That said, since many fish and seafood products are high in protein, low in fat and come with a range of health benefits, they’re a great choice for consumers of any age. 

While consumers are getting more comfortable in the kitchen, many would still like to be more knowledgeable about buying and preparing fish and seafood. Tell us how grocery retailers can help, and about Lagoon Seafood’s efforts on this front. 

In retail stores, employees play a key part in educating customers about fresh fish and seafood products. Grocers can also provide recipes and cooking tips online and in store. In addition, creating meal pairings provides inspiration and makes it easy for consumers to shop for recipe ingredients. In the fresh department, for example, grocers can cross-merchandise lemon juice, breadcrumbs, condiments and other complementary items with fish and seafood. With regards to Lagoon Seafood, we provide helpful information through our packaging and our marketing communication initiatives. On the content front, for example, we provide our signature, chef-created recipes on our website and social media channels to inspire Canadians and help make cooking fish and seafood simple, approachable and tasty. 

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