Calling all sustainable thinkers!

Join Kruger Products, Canadian Grocer and The Delphi Group on Feb.


The recent Leaders In Sustainable Thinking Hackathon inspired collaboration amongst a diverse range of emerging leaders in answering the question: “How can we decarbonize the retail value chain by 2040.” The group was ignited with innovative ideas on finding carbon neutral solutions and technologies within the retail value chain. This was the first hackathon for Leaders in Sustainable Thinking uniting and igniting younger thinkers to focus on how to implement solutions to this challenge.

One idea that took off was to create an ecosystem that leapfrogs the inertia of existing large scale retail networks. Doing so could achieve carbon neutral products, fossil free transportation and distribution, zero waste, and ethical manufacturing. This concept, amongst many others, was presented by the leaders throughout the hackathon.


Building off of the hackathon’s momentum, the 2018 Leaders In Sustainable Thinking session will continue to examine opportunities to decarbonize the retail value chain and address climate change. Hosted by Kruger Products and Canadian Grocer, experts will come together to discuss possible solutions and further address thinking from the hackathon.

Since 2012, the Leaders in Sustainable Thinking series has set out to uncover innovative solutions for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers, and to promote industry best practices and collaboration. Join Kruger Products, Canadian Grocer, The Delphi Group and more on February 27th for a day of innovative discussions, solutions and networking. To learn more, contact:  Jasmine Moore at [email protected]


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