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Campbell's move toward digital marketing and e-comm

VP of integrated marketing dishes on the CPG firm's doubling of digital spend

"We just need to move where the consumers are."

What sounds like a straightforward task is actually the massive undertaking being discussed and dissected by most of today's large CPG companies.

So when Campbell Soup Co. integrated marketing VP, Yin Woon Rani, made the aforementioned comment in a recent Digiday Q&A, it's clear that moving where consumers are with such a big brand requires a lot of planning and insight. According to the article, Campbell has roughly doubled the amount of its ad budget that it spends on digital this year.

In Campbell's case, digital encompasses everything from mobile to video. The company has "been encouraged" by testing it's done in the latter area around video platforms. "We have some nice knowledge about completed video rates and how they correlate to sales results," said Rani.

She also mentioned Campbell's recent messaging focus on its food being "real food" that matters. Recent ad efforts from the company include the tagline "Made for Real, Real Life," which complements the broader corporate vision of "real food that matters for life's moments."

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