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Canada Safeway teams up with Muscular Dystrophy Canada


Canada Safeway launched its month-long fundraising and awareness campaign to support Muscular Dystrophy Canada on July 30.

"Thanks to the generosity of our customers and the enthusiasm of our employees, we are making a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families coping with debilitating neuromuscular diseases," said Chuck Mulvenna, president and CEO, Canada Safeway.

"Our unique ability to reach millions of shoppers each week not only allows us the opportunity to raise funds, but to also share valuable information about this important cause."

The campaign is intended to raise funds for research and the provision of equipment through the "Safeway Mobility Grants" program.

During the campaign, Canada Safeway customers can make a donation at the checkstand.

When a donation of $2.00 is made, customers receive five Air Miles Reward Miles, with all of the funds raised during the campaign going directly to research initiatives and Safeway Mobility Grants that support equipment needs for hundreds of families in western Canada.

Safeway is one of the largest corporate supporters of families living with disabilities in Western Canada and raised $1.2 million last year for muscular dystrophy.

More than $58 million has been raised across Northern America in the past decade in support of families living with neuromuscular disorders.

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