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Canada-wide single-use plastics ban on track for 2021

Environment Canada says a list of items to be banned is in the works

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says a national ban on many single-use plastics is still on track for next year.

Environment Canada released a scientific assessment on plastic pollution Thursday, which concludes there is more than enough evidence showing it is harming birds, fish and other animals.

The finding is what Wilkinson needs to pursue the government's promise to ban single-use plastics like straws, grocery bags and Styrofoam containers.

Wilkinson says the specific list of items to be banned is in the works and will lead to policies that begin eliminating their use starting in 2021.

The assessment says in 2016, more than 29,000 tonnes of plastic ended up in places it shouldn't, including waterways, parks and forests.

Environment Canada is funding research over the next two years to look more closely at how small particles of plastic impact human health.


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