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Canadian Grocer's Ethnic Insights conference

Download insights from Pearl Strategy, Nielsen and Kantar Retail at the Ethnic Insights conference

Between now and 2031, the number of visible minorities in Canada will double, while the number of Caucasians will grow just 10%.

Visible minorities will become a huge market that grocery retailers and consumer packaged goods companies will have to satisfy in order to grow their businesses.

With that in mind, Canadian Grocer held its first-ever Ethnic Insights Conference Tuesday in Toronto. The event brought together ethnic retailers, suppliers and experts in the field to discuss the marketing challenges and opportunities.

Below you'll find  slide shows from three of the people who presented at the conference. These presentations can be downloaded.

Ethnic Opportunity–If Only I Knew: Bernice Cheung, ethnic practice area lead at Nielsen Canada delves into the data of Chinese, South Asian and Filipino consumers and examines how their shopping habits at home will influence products they buy here. (Click here)

Understanding the Ethnic Consumer. Susan Weaver, managing director of Pearl Strategy and Innovation explains the shopping approach of Chinese, South Asian and Filipino consumers and what factors drive their store choice, product and brand preferences. (Click here)

Reaching Diverse Audiences in Grocery: a Global Perspective. Robin Sherk, director of retail insights at Kantar, explains the different ways retailers around the world are catering to a wide range of shoppers, using examples from companies that include Safeway, Tesco, Walmart and Costco. (Click here)

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