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Canadian shopper starts online talk on grocery prices


Curious about how far fellow Canadians are stretching their weekly grocery budget--and what exactly their money is buying them--one consumer has started a Twitter hashtag to explore the issue.

Emily Deming of St. John's, N.L. is showing the Twittersphere how much food she's able to buy for $100 using the hashtag #AWeeksFeed.

A recent CBC article describes how Deming is prompting fellow consumers to snap and post pictures of their weekly grocery haul, as well as their receipts. Additional information, such as how big the poster's family is, will help give context to the posts.

As Deming says of this online effort--another example of consumer empowerment via social media--the concept is to learn where food comes from and what can be done to make it more affordable. "The basic idea just understanding what our money is doing," she says.

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