Canadians aren't eating enough fruits and veggies


Turns out mom’s pleas to always “eat your fruits and veggies” were for naught.

Just one in ten Canadians is eating the recommended daily amount of produce, according to a recently-released study by Nielsen.

Produce managers, cover yours eyes: the study also reveals that two-thirds of adults eat three or fewer servings of fruits and veggies per day. That’s a far cry from the seven to 10 servings recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.

But there’s at least one nugget of good news–supermarkets remain the number one source for all fresh food (including produce, meat, seafood, dairy and bakery). About three quarters of consumers name grocery stores as their “preferred destination for such purchases," according to a release.

Prices, of course, have a big impact on fresh purchases: more than half of global respondents said this is the case. Meg Chari, a Nielsen spokeswoman, notes Canada is no exception, adding shopper "have their eyes on their health and their wallets."

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