Canadians prefer to eat at home despite high food prices: Survey

Goodfood’s “Change of Taste” survey examines how Canadians’ preferences around food have changed with the rising cost of living, pandemic and supply chain issues.
cooking at home

Canadians are still choosing to cook their meals at home rather than dine out despite higher food prices at the grocery store.

Goodfood’s first Change of Taste survey found only 6% of consumers prefer to go out to eat or get take on on a typical night, while 78% would opt to stay in.

Canadians are cooking breakfast and lunch at home more often now than before the pandemic, the Montreal-based meal kit company said, with 46% cooking breakfast at home every day and 30% doing the same for lunch (compared to 41% and 27% respectively pre-pandemic).

Concern over higher food costs is expected to influence holiday menus for more than one third of Canadians, and half worry supply chain issues will impact ingredient availability.

Still, Goodfood found the majority (91%) are willing to spend more on local products. Two thirds of respondents said they’re willing to spend more on food that carries a lower carbon footprint, and 78% are willing to spend more on food that is sustainably sourced. Moreover, 86% say they’ll pay more for food that’s good for them.

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