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Canadians value grocery rewards over other loyalty programs: Survey

Givex finds consumers are also dining out less compared to last year
Jillian Morgan, female, digital editor for Canadian Grocer
illustration of woman shopping for discounted groceries
The average Canadian is a member of four loyalty programs.

Cash-strapped Canadians are turning to grocery rewards programs more than ever.

In its 2024 Consumer Survey, Givex Corp. asked 1,500 Canadians about their dining habits and loyalty program perceptions.

Sixty two per cent ranked grocery rewards as the single-most valuable type of loyalty program (up from 57% in 2023), outpacing any other category.

The average Canadian is a member of four loyalty programs and the vast majority (97%) say they use rewards or points from a loyalty program when making a purchase, with 42% making a purchase at least once per month. 

Canadians are also dining out less often, with 49% saying they forego eating at restaurants more often compared to 2023.

This percentage increases to 52% among Canadians aged 18-34, marking a 79% surge compared to the prior year (29% in 2023).

Of those earning $100,000 or more in household income, 80% said menu prices have made it challenging for them to dine out (compared to 85% of those earning $50,000 or less).

Forty eight per cent of Canadians are ordering less delivery compared to 2023, with 59% saying they are opting to cook more at home — a figure that rises to 64% among young Canadians.

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