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Changing grocery landscape, key topic explored at annual show

Several experts like Dr.

“Are we witnessing the slow death of grocery stores?” --That's the main question that will be asked at the morning keynote at the grocery industry's annual conference and trade show. Dr. Sylvain Charlebois will kickoff the second day of the show taking place Sept. 28 and 29 at the Toronto Congress Centre. Charlebois who is a professor at the University of Guelph's Food Institute, researches food distribution, security and safety. His morning keynote will examine how running a grocery store in the second decade of the twenty-first century requires a radically different skill set, as well as a fresh state of mind. "Food retailers are gradually catching up new technology and new ways of reaching out to consumers, who have long since incorporated such things as social media, farmers markets, and other means of food procurement in their everyday lives," says Charlebois. "And it’s about time!" He will provide insight into how non-traditional food retailers have recently made impressive gains, and food retailers know it. How are these and other companies increasing their food footprint in a way that significantly affects independents’ ability to grow at will, and in so doing how are they increasing their market share at a far faster rate? Even smaller convenience stores are converting pump volume into lucrative in-store volume at a remarkable pace, and many of these sales are in food, he adds. To add to all of this, grocery e-tailing is a new and emerging competitor in the sector. But more than ever before, says Charlebois, retailers in the food sector have now recognized such exciting opportunities and potential threats as a call to action. But is it too late? Along with Charlebois, there will be a host of other speakers to provide much insight and education over the two-day show. Harold Lloyd, who has created 30 top rated seminars and written two ‘5 Star’ rated books: Am I the Leader I Need to Be? and It’s About Time, will not only conduct a demo on the trade floor's insights and innovations stage, but he'll lead a morning workshop on how to regain lost centre store sales.  Creative graphics, redesigned aisles, TV monitors, baskets of lemons, and a fire hydrant are but a few of the suggestions attendees will see that may inspire them to take a different look at the antiquated and mundane area known as ‘centre store.’ Lloyd will be joined by leaders from Google Canada, Halal & Co Media, as well as category experts in centre store, sustainability, produce and more. Check out the full conference schedule here: The Grocery Innovations Canada show is held September 28 and 29, at the Toronto Congress Centre – North Buildling. For more information, go here: Interested in exhibiting? Contact Rolster Taylor, sales manager: [email protected]; 1-800-661-2344 X.223

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