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Check this out: 7-Eleven tests unmanned store in Taiwan


7-Eleven Taiwan is testing an unmanned store concept with employees at its corporate headquarters.

Called X-Store, the store is outfitted with facial recognition technology including "Face in" for entry to the store, "Face pay" to make payments and "Face go" for checkout.


Other companies have launched similar ventures. Moby Mart is a staff-less (with the exception of holographic cashiers), self-driving, 24-hour supermarket that can be summoned through a mobile app.

Earlier this year, Amazon opened the doors to its cashier-less store in Seattle called Amazon Go. The store on the bottom floor of the company’s Seattle headquarters allows shoppers to scan their smartphone with the Amazon Go app at a turnstile, pick out the items they want and leave. The store isn't entirely staff-less, however. Employees are onsite to stock shelves and help customers.

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