Check this out: John Tory's elevator pitch to Amazon

Toronto's mayor explains why the city is the best home for HQ2

Amazon’s search for a second headquarters (HQ2) is reportedly entering the next phase. Executives are said to be meeting with members from its list of 20 candidate cities, according to CNBC and CNN.

And as the process continues, CNBC has asked mayors, CEOs and celebrities representing each of those cities to pitch for the headquarters in videos published to its YouTube page.

Toronto mayor John Tory focuses on the city’s diverse talent pool and competitive taxes during his 50-second:

Then, CNBC puts two cities up against one another and asks panellists to pick a winner based on three criteria – tax incentives, fundamentals and the "X" factor.

Here’s what former Texas state senator Wendy Davis and the mayor of Stonecrest, Georgia Jason Lary had to say about Toronto versus Austin, Texas.

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