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Check out these finds from CHFA East

The health food show featured a bevvy of interesting products coming to a supermarket near you

There were plenty of innovative products on display at the Canadian Health Food Association East show, Oct. 3-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

These were some of the key product trends in products from the show:

1. SPROUTED GRAINS: from chips to bread, there were a host of products featuring these healthy grains and wholesome, minimally processed foods.

2. VEGAN MEAT-LIKE SUBSTITUTES: Gone are the tasteless tofu options; there's now a bevvy of savoury meatless options, including seafood-less options.

3. SOY: Not just for tofu, soy is now moving into spreads and yogurts as consumers search for more dairy free options.

4. SEAWEED: From sushi to snacks, the popular Asian ingredient that is high in antioxidants and calcium is going mainstream. There was a host of seaweed snacks and salads to go.

5. FERMENTED BEVERAGES: Expect to see kombucha, a fizzy, fermented, tea-based drink that promises to boost energy and aid digestion at a grocery store near you. There were a host of companies showing this drink at CHFA.

6. RICE: It's not about grains of rice, rice is now being turned into flour and pasta and even frozen desserts to provide another gluten-free option.

7. SUGAR SUBSTITUTES: It started with Stevia, now there's are several other natural sugar substitutes looking to sweeten consumers' taste buds–one from monk fruit, the other from xylitol.

Check out the gallery to see some of the products that stood out at CHFA.

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