Chicken nuggets linked to salmonella outbreak

Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets have been linked to a string of illnesses


The Public Health Agency of Canada says it has established a link between a recent outbreak of salmonella and frozen raw breaded chicken products sold primarily in eastern Canada.

The agency says Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets with a best-before date of Oct. 11, 2018 have been linked to the outbreak and are being recalled.

The nuggets are sold in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, and Quebec, but the federal agency says they may have also been sold in other regions.

The outbreak first reported in September 2017 left 13 people ill in four provinces and four of them had to be hospitalized.

The federal agency says there are currently 30 illness -- two in Alberta, 17 in Ontario, seven in Quebec and four in New Brunswick -- and several people reported eating Harvest Creek Chicken Nuggets before getting sick.

The health agency says while the risk to Canadians is low, illness can be avoided if safe food handling, preparation and cooking practices are followed when preparing poultry.

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