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Coffee: a surprisingly healthy drink for busy times

More studies are showing the positive effects of moderate java drinking

For centuries, coffee has made the world go round. But its health bona fides have been questioned from time to time.

Now, it seems, research has finally called a side: coffee is good for you.

One study, which followed some 400,000 people for more than a decade, found men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were 10% less likely to have died than non-coffee drinkers; women coffee drinkers were 13% less likely to have died.

Other studies have linked regular coffee drinking to a reduced chance of getting Type 2 diabetes, oral cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer recurrences.

One thing coffee is especially good at is kicking-starting bleary-eyed mornings. Turns out coffee may also keep our brains sharp in other ways. A recent study found drinking coffee helps prevent dementia.

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