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Collaborative consumption on the rise

Food cooperatives like Mealku offer a place where strangers can share homemade food

There's a food revolution taking place based on something called collaborative consumption.

A report says that it's ased on sharing of homemade food, no money is invovled. Meal swaps, according to this report, are on the rise.

Take Mealku, a food cooperative that's based on the sharing economy and is essentially a meal swap. Mealku has a few thousand members, 31 bike messengers in New York and is expanding to other cities this year.

Members of Mealku post online what food they are giving, essentially leftovers. In New York, where there are lots of singles, it's a great fit as most recipes aren't for single proportions.

Simply, credits are earned by making food; credits on spent on receiving food. Membership fee for Mealku is $1 a month.

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