A colourful way to sell carrots

How Trader Joe's is making carrots more exciting in the aisles

Carrots are orange, right? Yes, but not all of them. Turns out Bugs Bunny’s favourite food comes in a whole bunch of colours. Yellow, white, red…

That's the nugget behind a clever merchandising program from Trader Joe’s in the United States, called “Organic Carrots of Many Colors.”

The discount grocer is bagging different coloured carrots together as part of an effort to promote consumption.

What makes Organic Carrots of Many Colors so smart? Simply that shoppers are used to seeing multi-coloured peppers bagged together and even, in some stores, tomatoes of various shades of red, green, purple and black.

But carrots? The merchandising approach is surely stopping many Trader Joe's customers in their tracks.

Makes you wonder what other fruits and vegetables could benefit from a multi-coloured marketing approach.

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