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Combining mobile with bricks-and-mortar stores

Study finds shoppers use mobile phones while shopping to compare prices

While the debate continues as to whether online or bricks-and-mortar stores will take the bulk of customer sales, one study suggests shoppers prefer a combination of the two. Research group GfK asked mobile users in 23 countries what activities they regularly do on their mobile phones while in a store. Most answered they'd be inclined to grab their phones to compare prices, ask a friend for advice, and to take a photo of the product. "With significant numbers of shoppers being online whilst they are inside shops, bricks-and-mortar outlets need to respond," said Adrian Hobbs, managing director of online pricing intelligence at GfK. "Having a close real-time eye on the pricing of online competitors and reacting quickly are now key success factors for physical retailers, as well as online ones." Here are some other interesting facts from the study: – four in 10 shoppers worldwide are using their mobile phones while shopping inside a store to compare price – In Canada, 23 % of consumers regularly compare prices with a mobile phone. Twenty-two per cent of those are women and 24% are male – 40% are contacting friends or family for advice – 40% of the people contacting friends and famil are women – 36% are taking pictures of products they might buy – Teens (aged 15-19) and young adults (20-29) are more likely to snap photos inside a store – 28% of consumers worldwide scan barcodes or QR codes while in-store – 23% of shoppers worldwide are using their phones to buy a product through an app, while 22% buy products through a website

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