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Consumer concern for animal welfare is growing, says new research


Animal welfare is an increasingly important issue to today’s consumers. As a result, consumers are demanding companies be more transparent about how animals are raised. Consumers also want to support companies that treat animals well, says new research from The Hartman Group.

In fact, according to the group’s Sustainability-Transparency 2015 report, 47% of consumers surveyed said it is “very important” that companies avoid inhumane treatment of animals.

When asked about specific animal welfare practices, 68% of consumers surveyed said they would be more likely to buy a product if other animals were not harmed in the capture/raising; 65% indicated they would be more inclined to purchase an item if animals were raised in as natural an environment as possible (e.g. cage free); 65% said they’d be more likely to buy if animals were not given hormones or antibiotics; while 51% said they would be more apt to buy a product if the company supports animal welfare causes/organizations.

See The Hartman Group’s Animal Welfare Infographic here.

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