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Consumers looking for value in confectionery and snacks


When it comes to confectionery and snacks trends in 2011, U.S. consumers are looking for value, exciting flavours and nutrition, according to data presented at the recent 2011 National Confectioners Association’s Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago.

During the downturn, candy and snacks continued to represent an affordable indulgence for consumers, with the confectionery industry posting a 3.6 per cent gain in 2010, outpacing overall growth of food sales in leading channels.

Consumers are focusing on value as channel growth for the category in discounters, club and drugstores illustrates.

Confectionery and salty snacks rank as the fourth and sixth largest product categories in overall food sales, respectively, and first and second among snack foods.

Consumers are also seeking out candy and snacks that offer natural and added nutrients as well as complex flavour profiles such as unique fruit blends and ingredients like chili and mint.

The assocation’s research also showed that consumers appreciated the unique role confectionery and snacks have in their lives, with the average American consuming chocolate confectionery about 107 times per year.

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