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The CPG brands Canadians trust most...

17,000 Canadians voted for their most trusted everyday consumer product brands in annual survey

Twenty-seven food and beverage brands have been identified as the “most trusted” in Canada, in the sixth annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians told us in their own words what brands they trust and why,” said BrandSpark president Robert Levy, in a release announcing the winners. “The winning brands are those that deliver a fundamentally superior experience, and are validated by multiple sources in the consumer’s network.”

The winners were chosen through a survey of 17,000 Canadians who were asked about their opinions and shopping habits for consumer product brands. Survey participants had shopped the categories in which they are judging and their answers are completely unaided.

The list of winning grocery brands is wide ranging from A for Artisinal Cheese (Oka) to V for Vegan Food (Yves). See the full list here.

“We have added more dairy categories this year and we definitely see that Canadian dairy brands like Neilson command strong trust among consumers and this is definitely giving them a head start as the market opens up,” Levy told Canadian Grocer. (The Canadian dairy market will see new competition under the recently signed U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement.)

Being a trusted brand is important with shoppers who focus on quality over quantity, said Levy, in the release. “Marketers need to remind shoppers of the trust and value represented by their brand.” According to BrandSpark:

  • 83% of consumers say brand trust is an important part of their purchase decision;

  • 68% trust consumer awards for recommendations; and

  • 67% try new products from brands they trust most.

Asked about any surprise food and beverage performers this year, Levy pointed to Catelli winning in the Pasta category.

“Canadians are looking for healthier options and are more willing than ever to try innovation,” he said. “Catelli has done a great job of keeping up on trends, while continuing to produce quality products while providing great value.”


Winning brands can promote the “Most Trusted” status with a purple “BrandSpark Most Trusted Award” seal in advertising, online, in-store, and on package.

An interest in natural products also remains a trend with grocery shoppers. “These days it is clear that what a brand is leaving out of its products is just as important as what they are putting in,” said Levy. “Maple Leaf is a great example of a brand who is championing this in their category and continues to be a brand that is most trusted.”

Maple Leaf won in both the Bacon and Fresh Packaged Meat categories.

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