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CPGs turn to chefs in the search for healthier fare

Chefs are helping food makers reinvent their products to make them healthier without sacrificing taste

With food manufacturers feeling pressure from consumers to government to make their offerings healthier, but still flavourful, increasingly they're turning to chefs. Greg Yep, senior vice president for long-term research and development at PepsiCo said in a report that the challenge for big food companies is making a great-tasting product without as much salt, fat and sugar. He points to chefs' ability to trick taste buds to do this. PepsiCo’s executive research chef, Stephen Kalil and his team, for example, reduced salt in flavoured Lay’s potato chips by one-quarter. By exploring regional cuisines, the team learned to build flavours and use other seasonings. Some say it's not just the added pressure to make healthier fare that is making food makers act, it's a matter of survival. PepsiCo’s chief executive, Indra K. Nooyi has said improving the healthiness of its offerings is critical to the  company’s long-term survival. To read more, go here.

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