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Crave-worthy Canadian snacks

A Top 10 list of uniquely Canadian snacks

Canadians who crave particular munchies not sold in Canada have been known to journey over the border to get their favourite snack fix.

But, as the author of a recent column from Paste magazine points out, Canada has its own fair share of addictive snacks. So much so that some Canucks who move away request loved ones to send them care packages of goodies found in our home and snack-loving land.

Here, the Canadian author shares her personal top 10 “favourite uniquely Canadian snack foods” from Kinder Eggs to Hickory Sticks.

While some of these products didn’t originate in Canada, they’ve become staples over the years. The writer takes a fun trip down memory lane to her childhood, the period in life when many consumers’ snack obsessions are rooted.

Her list of favourite snacks proves the deep bond consumers can feel towards certain brands and how powerful nostalgia can be. The author remembers, for example, that Jos Louis cakes made her school lunches all that more exciting and the thrill of buying ketchup chips at the corner store.

Read the full article here.

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