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DavidsTea launches beauty line

Tea-infused beauty products available across Canada and the U.S

DavidsTea is stocking its shelves with a made-in-Canada collection of hand creams, lip butters and body butters. To tie it all back to the brand, all products are infused with DavidsTea’s Serenity Now and Spa Day teas. The latter is a new, limited edition Mother’s Day loose leaf tea that is launching online and in store along with the new beauty line.

DavidsTea’s category manager Karine Laforest is the creator of the vegan, organic, and cruelty-free collection. Laforest was tasked with finding a like-minded supplier the company could work with to produce the line. She partnered with an undisclosed Canadian beauty company that makes vegan, organic tea-infused lip balms to customize a special line for DavidsTea.

“With a little romancing on our part, we were able to convince them to use the same amazing, organic ingredients they use in their lip products to create beautiful and rich hand lotions and body butters,” said Laforest on the DavidsTea blog.

The two herbal teas were selected as the star ingredients of the beauty line due to their aromatherapy qualities. Serenity Now has hits of strawberries and hibiscus on a base of lavender, while Spa Day carries a tropical scent of mango, pineapple and coconut. “They are perfectly scented for beauty products,” said Laforest.

The new beauty line follows DavidsTea’s dabble in goods of the non-leaf variety. Tea-scented soy candles, tea-infused chocolates and numerous accessories are some of the ways the company has taken advantage of tea’s multifunctionality. According to the blog, co-founder David Segal green lighted the idea from the start. “In one of my first meetings with David, I asked him how far we were willing to go with tea and he told me that the sky was the limit!” said Laforest.

The new line is being promoted in the Mother’s Day 2015 campaign, launching April 22, that will feature the beauty products among DavidsTea’s other spa-worthy gift assortments. In total, six new beauty products will be available for purchase online and in store.

The offerings are a 25mL lip butter ($10), 85mL hand cream ($16), and 150mL body butter ($20), in scents of Serenity Now or Spa Day. The collection will be available across Canada and the U.S.

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