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DavidsTea truck lets loose in Toronto

Sampling truck offers shoppers a chance to try brand's fall flavours

DavidsTea is bringing loose leaf tea to the masses with a branded tea truck that is making stops throughout Toronto this weekend. After a successful tour of New York this past summer, the “Cozy Cabin Tea Truck” is making stops at nine different locations in Toronto. The teal-coloured truck will provide visitors with samples of two of the company’s fall-themed teas: Pumpkin Chai and Peanut Butter Cup. The program is part of an ongoing commitment by the company to develop new and innovative ideas to promote loose-leaf tea, said Melanie Barbusci, director of customer engagement for the Montreal-based company. “Loose leaf tea is still foreign to many Canadian tea drinkers, so this is a great opportunity for us to demystify and educate consumers, and highlight the ease of preparing it at home or on the go,” she said. “Our tea truck provides us with a fun and engagement environment to do so.” The truck is aimed at creating what Barbusci described as “tea experiences” for its customers. “We strive to create a multi-sensory by facilitating interaction with our products through sampling and product demonstrations.” The idea originated with a highly successful iced tea tour in New York this past summer, prompting DavidsTea’s Canadian customers to request a similar initiative in Canada. “On a day-to-day basis, we empower our store managers and tea guides to get involved in their local communities by driving trial and brand awareness,” said Barbusci. “The tea truck takes this concept to the next level, as we’re able to create three-day long memorable experiences in so many great Toronto communities.” This article first appeared on

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