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Dear Santa, get me out of the kitchen: Canadian moms


If you want to give Mom the perfect gift over the holidays, let her spend less time in the kitchen.

A new survey by Leger Marketing shows that Canadian moms want ways to spend less time in the kitchen during this festive season.

Conducted for Compliments, Sobeys' private label offering, the survey shows that 89% of Canadians would like to spend less time making meals so that they can spend time with their guests instead. That said, 86% said they want to surprise family and friends with new dishes.

"It's all about the love of great food and how important it is for the holiday season to be about celebrating with family and friends, rather than slaving away in the kitchen," said Belinda Youngs, chief marketing officer at Sobeys, when the survey was released.

The survey also revealed that 52% of Canadians say stress could be reduced if they had recipes and dishes that are easy to prepare.

The majority of Canadian moms predict they'll spend nearly two-thirds of a day cooking meal and almost nine hours grocery shopping during the holidays. In relation, Moms say they spend more time shopping for food, cooking meals and planning menus than any other holiday task (including buying or wrapping gifts or decorating).

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