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Del Monte enters partnership to help reduce carbon emissions

Brand teams up with Arbre-Évolution cooperative to achieve goal
del monte carbon emissions

Del Monte is committing to offset 30% of the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of its fruit.

As part of the mandate, the brand has entered into a partnership with Arbre-Évolution, a cooperative that helps businesses and large corporations carry out decarbonization efforts through the Carbone Riverain program.

Launched in 2021, this program aims to improve the water quality of rivers by widening riparian buffer strips in agricultural areas.

A producer from Saint-Paul has also agreed to join the Arbre-Évolution cause by offering a strip of arable land for tree planting.

“Today, companies in every industry must make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why at Del Monte, we’re committed to offsetting 30% of the emissions associated with the transportation of our fruit,” said Del Monte Brand Manager Adeline Mabilat, in a statement.

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