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Dempster's gets groovy for a few cheerful surprises

The company is promoting its Healthy Way line by rewarding unsuspecting people and uploading to YouTube

To promote its new Healthy Way bread, Dempster’s surprised a few folks for some groovy YouTube videos.

For English Canada, Dempster’s and its agency Cundari selected three people who they thought deserved a reward. Each person was filmed at work and, as coworkers gathered in each location, an actor in disco gear danced in to James Brown’s iconic song “I Feel Good.”

Watch video below:

“These were unsuspecting Canadians who did good, so we wanted to link that back to how Dempster’s Healthy Way does something good for you,” said Shery Hanser, senior marketing manager, grains and diet at Canada Bread.

Cory Eisentraut, group creative director at Cundari, said the agency wanted to create “a fun, social video that’s going to catch people off guard and make them smile.”

For the Quebec market (where the bread is called Bon Matin) a video shows a bus stop reinvented as café. A comedian engages passersby, who are treated to breakfast as well as fun surprises like ninjas and a catapult.

The campaign is part of a larger integrated campaign that launched in October. The new product lineup is designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers and features products with bold names like “Say no to fat & sugar!” and “Make my heart beat!”

“People love bread, but they want to see more health benefits in the category,” said Hanser. “They told us ‘just make us feel good about it.’ So wanted to make sure that the emotional benefit is coming through clearly, whether that’s in TV or digital.”

This article originally appeared in Marketing magazine.

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