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Detroit store gets lift with free Uber rides

Store offers shoppers rides to get people motivated to buy and cook more food

A Detroit grocery store is running a clever program to help prompt people to buy their food in the city's downtown core.

Prince Valley Market has been offering shoppers that buy $50 or more of groceries a free Uber ride home (as long as the ride is within a short distance of the store) over the summer.

This is an effort to help attract people that may not otherwise pick up groceries in the city--opting to trek to the suburbs for big supermarket visits instead. It's also a way to prompt people to cook more at home and buy more food.

A recent Time story quotes store owner, Joe Gappy, who says, it's a untrue that Detroit doesn't have fresh food to sell. "The 'food dessert' label is really a myth," he says.

Roughly 20 shoppers used the Uber offer recently over a two-week period, and Gappy predicts it will get even more popular as winter comes.

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