Diamond Jubilee medal award to grocer who chased down thief


Toronto Chinatown grocer David Chen, who gained notoriety three years ago for catching a shoplifter and throwing him into a delivery van until police arrived, will receive a Diamond Jubilee medal from the Prime Minister on Jan. 12.

The Conservative government’s “citizen’s arrest” law was created based on the grocer's actions, according to a Toronto Star article.

Chen, owner of the Lucky Moose Food Mart, is one of 60,000 Canadians to get the medal that recognizes a "significant contribution to Canada.”

When Chen receives his medal, he will be accompanied by family and friends including his lawyer Chi-Kun Shi, who saw him through his arrest, trial, acquittal and Senate committee testimony.

The law took effect last June, and allows people to take “reasonable” actions to protect themselves, their family and their property if the option of using police isn't available.

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