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Discover delicious plant-based foods from Maison LeGrand (Q&A)


Founded in 1997, Maison LeGrand continues to expand its range of fresh and healthy plant-based products for all diets and lifestyles. In this Q&A, co-founder Tatianna Bossy shares Maison LeGrand’s approach to plant-based foods and how grocers can drive sales in this growing category.

What is the background and mission of Maison Le Grand?

Our story starts when I met my partner, Bernard LeGrand, and we decided to embark on a trailblazing mission for a healthier world. For more than 25 years, we have developed our expertise in plant-based cuisine, and we continue to be pioneers of the highest quality and most flavourful plant-based products. LeGrand is at the cutting edge of the plant-dairy industry! We are revolutionizing the act of eating into a celebration with products that are simply so damn good, even non-vegans will love them.

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Tell us about your product lineup.

On the plant-dairy side, our lineup includes vegan butter (salted and unsalted); three flavours of cheese spreads: Original, Chive & Onion, and Toasted Sesame; and eight scrumptious yogurts including Chai Latte, Matcha tea and Muesli, to name a few. We also have four flavours of vegan, plant-based pesto: Garden, Chimichurri, Spicy Olive and Jalapeno, and Live Pesto Sun-dried Tomato, made with fermented onions and vegetables. All our products are organic or non-GMO certified, and we never use gums, artificial or natural flavours, fillers, or preservatives. In fact, we challenge non-vegans to try them out and FEEL the difference!

As interest in vegan products grows, who is the ideal plant-based consumer today?

Plants aren’t just for vegans. They’re for all of us: the bikers, the entrepreneurs, and yes, even the meat eaters. The plant aisle should be a land of discovery, not a ‘do not enter’ zone. That’s why Maison LeGrand has been here for decades—innovating, experimenting and perfecting. We’re always pushing for more quality, more creativity and more pleasure, so that when someone new shows up, our table is already set.

How can grocers increase sales of plant-based foods, particularly dairy?

Simplifying the shopping experience and education are key in this growing category. Grocers can make shopping easy by merchandising dairy alternatives together, in a dedicated space, so consumers can easily find products that meet their needs. Calling out attributes such as “organic,” “Canadian,” “non-GMO” and “gut health” with signage will help consumers make decisions at shelf. Lastly, Canadian grocers have a responsibility to support Canadian producers to help local economies across the country. Consumers are looking for these brands and they want authenticity, especially in the plant-based space. Education is power: offer it to consumers!

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