Dubstepping dads featured in Sainbury's latest holiday ad

Ad showing dancing dads in Christmas sweaters goes viral

Dads who dubstep is the theme for Sainsbury's newest family-friendly holiday video.

The U.K retailer released a YouTube video last week featuring a troop of dads in Christmas sweaters performing a routine to a remixed version of the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy." The ad promotes the range of Christmas sweaters from Tu, Sainsubry's clothing line.

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The ad collected more than one million views in 48 hours, with over 24,000 shares. Quite the positive reception, given the  holiday ad Sainsbury's released just over a month ago received approximately 727 complaints from the British public.

The 3-minute, 40-second mini-movie depicted the 1914 Christmas Truce, when soldiers took a few hours to celebrate Christmas in no man's land during World War 1.

The ad below, on the other hand, is pop and locking its way through the holiday season:


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