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E-receipts, the next big thing in retailing since the loyalty card?

Tesco will be the U.K.'s first retailer to roll out e-receipts next year

Tesco will be the first U.K. retailer to offer electronic receipts next year that will be sent to customers' e-mails.

The grocer is working with tech firm eReceipts.

Tesco won't be eliminating the option of paper receipts altogether; customers will have a choice at the till.

With a swipe of a card, customers will be sent their e-receipt. The receipt will be stored in the Cloud securely, and accessible through an app or web portal.

E-receipts would see the elimination of 11.2 billion paper receipts Tesco produces at the checkout every year.

The chairman at eReceipts is former Tesco boss, Lord Ian MacLaurin.

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