Education minister focuses on healthy food in schools

Serge Rousselle says better food options are needed in New Brunswick schools

Ten years after the government of New Brunswick created rules to take unhealthy food out of school cafeterias and vending machines, the province's education minister has put a renewed focus on serving school kids healthy food.

Serge Rousselle, New Brunswick's Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, says he believes if kids are offered healthy food, they'll eat it. In a CBC story, he noted that the problem is that the nutritional policy in place must be followed. He added that contracts with food providers will be analyzed for nutrition.

Rousselle will be communicating with schools to ensure they are complying with the provincial policies put in place in 2005, which saw a reduction in foods like candy, pastries and hotdogs that have low nutritional value, and a limit on foods with high levels of fat, sodium and sugar.

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