EGG-cellent Idea!


In its quest to become a greener grocer, U.K. retailer Waitrose has unveiled what it’s touting as “revolutionary” new packaging for one its premium egg ranges.

Made from equal parts ryegrass (a renewable, quickly growing resource) and recycled paper, the new packaging protects its delicate contents in the same way as a standard carton, but uses 60% less water to produce and releases 10% less CO2. The new packaging, of course, is 100% recyclable.

The packaging is currently being used on the Waitrose Duchy Organic line of eggs, but the retailer plans to extend the new packs to its other egg ranges. As a result of the switch, the retailer predicts the new packaging could save about 405 tons of wood/recycled paper per year.

Waitrose is one of the U.K.’s leading supermarkets, with 340 outlets.

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