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Embracing misshapen fruits and vegetables

Retailers and manufacturers around the world find beauty in wonky produce

A few years ago, most misshapen fruits and vegetables would have never seen the light of day, let alone grocery shelf space. But thanks to some cheeky campaigns and customer support, so-called "ugly" produce is having its time in the sun. Intermarche, France's third-largest supermarket, was one of the first notable stores to promote ugly produce and combat foot waste. The campaign, which launched last spring, followed the lead of other major grocers across the European Union, which declared 2014 "The European Year Against Food Waste." Following suit, Boulder, Colo.-based Sterling-Rice Group, a marketing firm that works with food and beverage companies, declared the ugly fruit and vegetable movement as one of the top trends of 2015. See below some notable retailers and companies who have chosen ugly produce as their weapon in the war on food waste:

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