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The essential Target reader


At Canadian Grocer we've written dozens of articles about Target since the American discount chain announced two years ago that it was coming to Canada. And with the first Target stores set to debut here next month, we're making it easy to get all the info you need about Target.

We've compiled the Top 10 stories we've written about Target in the last two years. Some of these are feature stories, a few are the result of speeches and studies about Target. All in all, we think this is the best place to start if you want to understand what impact Target will have on the Canadian grocery landscape.

1) Target is coming, Target is coming: Target is known for its cheap and fabulous fashions. But will its Canadian strategy impress?

2) A giant Target on retailer's backs: The arrival of Target is the biggest thing to happen to Canadian retailing since the arrival of that other U.S. giant, Walmart.

3) Getting the goods on Target: Let's cut through the hype to find out what effect Target's entry into Canada will mean for grocery.

4) Target won't hurt food retailers, says new study. Analysis by retail consultancy KubasPrimedia finds while department stores will be hurt by Target, supermarkets will feel little heat.

5) Retailers should ramp up for Target now, says expert. Incumbent retailers must ramp up their game ahead of the first Target stores opening.

6) What CityTarget means to Canada. The discount retailer's new urban format offers clues to what we can expect from Target's big Canadian debut.

7) Target to bring private label food brands to Canada. At an event in Toronto, Target unveiled which of its brands would be making the leap across the border.

8) Target is not a big threat to Canadian grocers, says another study: Another study finds that grocers won't have much to worry about when Target arrives here.

9) But...we found another study that says Canadian grocers will be affected by Target. The study by TNS found that 43 per cent of Canadians will shop for groceries at Target.

10) Food fight: It didn't start out as a grocer, but lately, all signs point to food as a big part of Target's U.S. growth plan. Don't expect things to be much different here in Canada.

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