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Fantasty Foods Keto and Vegan Protein Powder

Fantasty Foods Keto and Vegan Protein Powder

Discover the power of our protein powder that goes above and beyond! With over 40% more essential multi-vitamins than the leading market leader, we're taking your health to new heights.

Not all protein powders are created equal. Our pea protein is not only highly soluble but also meticulously refined to deliver a creamy and delicious taste. Say goodbye to the coarse pea protein experience - we've done the research to ensure a smooth and enjoyable blend.

Fibre matters, especially in a keto diet. That's why our revolutionary protein mix offers an unprecedented 5g of fibre, setting it apart from other keto protein options with low fibre content. Fuel your body with the nutrients it craves!

Ready to try our extraordinary protein powder? Look no further! Find all our products through Tree of Life distributors, your gateway to a world of health and wellness.

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