February's most-read stories

Target's real estate and Walmart's spending were top of mind for readers

1. Loblaw eyes Target stores

Loblaw is considering taking over some of the Target locations in Canada, soon to be vacated by the U.S. retailer, but said the number will not be “significant or material” to its overall growth strategy.

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2. Coke places bets on ‘premium milk’

Coke is coming out with premium milk that has more protein and less sugar than regular milk. And it’s betting people will pay twice as much for it.

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3. Which CPG brands do Canadians trust most?

What do Campbell’s, Coca-Cola and Heinz have in common (besides red logos)? Each is among the most trusted brands in Canada, according to a study by Toronto-based marketing research company BrandSpark International.

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4. Whole Foods to expand in Western Canada

Hailed as the original natural grocer, Whole Foods is looking to stretch its organic reach across Canada. The American retailer announced plans  to expand in Western Canada with new locations in Greater Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary.

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5. Sobeys gets customers to eat their greens

It’s no secret that eating more fruits and veggies is a key component to staying healthy. Sobeys helped encourage their customers to eat their greens with a new “Power Up with Green” program.

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6. Will click and collect compute?

Canadian grocers are expanding their online offerings with click-and-collect programs. What are they learning and what will it take to get consumers to buy food this way?

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7. New grocery service sets itself apart with speed

Waiting is for suckers. That’s part of the idea behind a new Toronto grocery delivery service called Urbery that gets food to customers’ doorsteps in less than three hours.

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8. Can Target even get clearance right?

While Target’s decision to leave Canada was undoubtedly one of our biggest stories of the year, readers continue to watch as the retailer stumbles through the liquidation process.

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9. Loblaw's blast from the past

Two former Loblaw heavyweights have made news at supermarkets in the U.K.

Read about Allan Leighton here.

Read about Dalton Philips here.

10. Online and food drive Walmart spending

Walmart announced it would spend $230 million to open 29 Supercentre stores this year, along with $75 million on the construction of a new fresh food warehouse and its first two e-commerce warehouses.

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